Thursday, 18 September 2008


After todays shopping trip we went to meet Dad at the pub and had food. Too much food.  
Anyway, talked to Dad about arrangements for after we are married, house wise... He has offered for us to live on a..wait for it.. boat. yep. a boat. well the advantages are that its free for us, free rent for as long as it takes for us to move to manchester and find a place to live, it means we can  stay in southport while Ben finishes his contract at his current job and we have somewhere to live when we come back from honeymoon!
So there are lots of things to think about.  I'm not particularly keen on the idea but I know Ben wouldn't mind, the fact that it would be free for us is a big plus but where would we keep all our stuff?! Dad says it would have to be kept at parents houses and places until we had more space but I'm worried for Ben with his lack of STUFF which he has rather a lot of!

I could be swayed.

Dress shopping!

On tuesday I took bridesmaid Liv on a wedding dress hunt! it was soo much fun :)
I tried on about 7 dresses, and reeeeally liked 2 of them so I phoned mum and told her all about them.  Anyway the next day I went to meet the person who has said she will make my dress for me, Susan, and chatted to her about styles/fabrics etc so that was good! 
I went again to Norwich with my mum this time for her to see the dresses on me and to think more about what kinda thing I would like. Not really giving details here but I want it to be a surprise!
It was fun, my mum is worried about what she is going to wear - she says that the mother of the bride stuff looks more like grandmother of the bride stuff. bless. She's going to have to dress up!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Colour schemes...cont...

Oooh, actually, see where it says Tales of the Bean, at the top... Kinda the background colour of that.


Colour schemes...

The colour of the walls in David's bathroom is the colour I want the bridesmaid dresses. This was decided the first time I ever went in there back in December last year. Yup, I think ahead. (I'm a girl.)

Oh. For those of you not so aquainted with David's bathroom, its kinda purple. Dark purple, with a bit of reddy pink mixed in. Its gorgeous! Kinda like this. Or like this. And maybe a bit of this. Ok blogspot isnt so good with the colour variety thing. I'll post a pic of the dress when it's decided!

Flowers, again, purple please!

The ring!

It looks like this....

And one more.....


Bridesmaids and Best man!

Bridesmaids will be, in alphabetical order:
Florence, Jemima, Joanna, Olivia
My four fave girlies :)
Surprisingly hard to chose though, why must I have so many nice friends?!

Best man will be Ben's friend David, yay!!

Flower girls, page boys and other trimmings, not that I know of yet!

Bits and pieces...

Hair? Make up? Flowers? Photographer? Men's suit hire?

Any clues anyone?

Haven't touched on any of them.